What’s Your True Font?

Anyone in marketing or design can tell you that picking the right font can make or break a brand. But how do you know which font is right for you? We’ve composed a surefire *wink wink* way of knowing what your true font type is. Take the quiz to find out!

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When you’re alone in your car, what do you think about?

  • Your work (A)
  • People you know (B)
  • Is the ‘s’ or ‘c’ silent in scent? (C)
  • The birds that live in your backyard (D)


Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

  • Coke (B)
  • Pepsi (C)
  • They taste the same (A)
  • Is there liquor in it? (D)


When eating at a pizza place, what do you order?

  • 2 slices with a lot of toppings (C)
  • Chicken fingers and fries (B)
  • 12 hot wings, but only the wingettes (flat part) (D)
  • A plain or pepperoni slice (A)


Tag yourself: Rocky Horror Picture Show Edition

  • Frank N. Furter (D)
  • Janet Weiss (B)
  • Brad Majors (A)
  • Rocky Horror (C)


Samsung or Apple?

  • Samsung (A)
  • Apple (B)
  • Google (D)
  • Burner (C)


Who would win in a fight: Superman or Thanos?

  • Superman (A)
  • Thanos (B)
  • Wolverine would kick both their butts (C)
  • Death is coming for us all (D)


Someone has a booger hanging out of their nose. What do you do?

  • Just tell them (A)
  • Stare at it and politely say nothing (B)
  • Point and laugh (C)
  • Grab a tissue and get it yourself (D)


If you won the lottery, what fun way would you spend it?

  • On equipment (A)
  • On a vacation (B)
  • On an exotic pet (D)
  • On a giant billboard of your favorite meme (C)


If you dyed your hair, which color would you choose?

  • Lightning blue (B)
  • Banana yellow (D)
  • Grass green (C)
  • Pumpkin orange (A)


Choose a take out food

  • Chinese (B)
  • Pizza (A)
  • Mediterranean (D)
  • Diner food (C)



Mostly A –

You are Times New Roman

You are the font of newspapers and academic research. You are logical and intelligent; truth-seeking and professional. You hold yourself to high standards and are proud of the work you do. Your career is your passion and you do it well. You’ve got a deep appreciation for the classics, and like things presented in the way they were intended. Your kind of charm never gets old.


Mostly B –

You are Helvetica

When friends think of you, they think professional, lighthearted and honest. People often feel comfortable around you because you give off a calming presence. You’re probably the mom-friend. You like to go for a business casual kind of vibe and it works for you. You’re the kind of person who goes out of their way to make others smile.


Mostly C –

You are Comic Sans

You are the font of comic books and memes. You love puns, both bad and clever, and you never stop making dad jokes. You’re clearly cursed because you didn’t forward that evil email chain that one time, so you figure you might as well just have fun. Your confidence can sometimes intimidate others, but the people who really know you know you’re just being authentically you.


Mostly D –

You are Curlz MT

You like to make an impression right out the gate. You have your own personal flare, and you don’t need the approval of others to feel good about your style. You like to collect things, and you’re lighting of choice is christmas lights. Having never lost your childlike wonder, you’ve got a way of seeing magic in mundane things.