It’s Here: Watch the Trailer for Simpatico’s 2019 Summit Destination

Tourism video, or trailer for #SimSummit19—Simpatico Studios’ 4th Annual Executive Meeting & Top Producers’ Trip? Well, what kind of agency would we be if it wasn’t both?

Now if you’re unacquainted with Simpatico, I know what you must be thinking: “World Travel? Is this really what I’m paying you to do?”

We’re glad you asked.

To understand what you ARE paying for when you hire Simpatico, you ought to first understand what you’re NOT paying for.

Simpatico Studios is not:

  • Another pair of greedy agency owners or consultants looking to siphon every last dime out of our business.
  • Down with treating our clients like ATMs.
  • Cool with using slight-of-hand to trap businesses into outrageous, unfair agreements.
  • Weighed down by do-nothing Executive Leadership.
  • Satisfied that work goals and life goals are necessarily exclusive to one another.
  • Sold that creative talent does their best work when they’re told to just be grateful for their paycheck.

We structured Simpatico around the bold notion that a tight-knit team of well-vetted, properly incentivized creative people can do circles around bloated, ultra-expensive ad conglomerates and consultants.

Key phrase there is “properly incentivized.” How does an ad agency properly incentivize its people, exactly?

Simple: By asking them what they want.

At on-boarding, that’s what we do. Some want more creative freedom. Some want more flex time. But a resounding commonality with each batch of hires has been wanderlust—a profound longing to get out there and see the world.

So we decided to give them an opportunity to do just that.

You can argue with the premise, but one thing’s indisputable: what an agency puts back into its people can tell you a lot about the level of service and quality of workmanship you can expect.

Because, at the end of the day, our people are also your people. And the best way to keep people’s attention where it belongs—on YOU—is, we think, to ensure they don’t have to worry about their health, or feeling stuck in a dead-end job, or when their next great vacation will be—or a single thing besides your needs, really.

Your business needs sterling workmanship and concierge-caliber service from its marketing partner—and so, in kind, Simpatico, your marketing partner, reinvests your budget into its people.

Will our method bear out in the long haul? Jury’s out.

But what I can share already is this: By the close of 2018, we’ll have realized double-digit-or-greater growth for the third consecutive year—not thanks to raiding entire budgets, obligating companies to absurd contract terms, or being anywhere near the most expensive agency our size, but thanks to our people.

So, yeah, we think we’re on to something. And yeah, your investment contributes to the annual Summit trip—the ultimate incentive our people can earn—as well as the rest of our awesome team’s awesome benefits.

All of which is why we can do more to grow your business or brand than any other shop our size, why we expect to shatter records again in 2019, and why, ultimately, we’ll come out on top.

See you at the Summit.

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Summit 2019 Trailer

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