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Women in Advertising: No, we are not the “marketing girls”

“You must be the marketing girls,” said the big guy wearing a polo adorned with his contracting company’s logo. He was speaking in reference to myself, the CEO and Co-Founder of Simpatico Studios, a full service advertising agency, and my female employee. On that balmy May evening, my team and I were putting the finishing […]
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Web Traffic & Analytics: What the Numbers Mean, and How to Move Them In Your Favor

Business owners and marketing leaders: When was the last time you took a good look at your website traffic? Odds are you created a Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics account and installed a tracking pixel when you launched your website. (If you didn’t, be sure to do so today. Don’t know how? Book us for an initial […]
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Top 7 Qualities of a Truly Compatible Agency Partner

Well, it’s finally decided: You need outside marketing help. Congratulations! It was a feat in and of itself to arrive at that decision. Suddenly, though, things are even more complicated. You find yourself swimming in a sea of possible partners, some of whom are surely beating down your door to get your business. They’re using […]
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Big Talkers, Small Doers: Revisiting the Role of Strategy in Outsourced Marketing

Ever shopped agencies? Freelancer designers? Advertising consultants? Or outsourced marketing help by any other name? If you have, you might’ve noticed something confounding: Those who want the biggest paydays are also often the same ones who, when hired, want to tell you exactly where and how to dig—but wouldn’t be caught dead holding a shovel. […]
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How (not) to Hire in Outsourced Marketing: A Buyer’s Guide

Think fast: What do corn and marketing have in common? Not setting up a punchline here—although I’m accepting them in the comments, if you’ve got a good one. (It’s the Internet. Don’t let me down.) Seriously. What do they have in common? The one-word answer you’d probably expect is: Nothing. After all, one’s a grain; […]
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“Contract Customers Only”: What a local HVAC Business Can Teach Your Marketing Program About True Emergencies and Planning

The way Simpatico does business, there’s a lot to be proud of. But as a marketing studio, there’s nothing we’re more proud of than sending new customers knocking on our clients’ doors. Usually, we drum up business for clients just by running damn good marketing campaigns. Other times, though, we trip over opportunities for our […]
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Vertical Concentration: Why Most Agencies of Scale Do It, and Why We Never Will

Among the many things clients value about Simpatico is our versatility. Because we’ve designed our processes to be scalable, we’re just as ready to respond to the marketing needs of local and regional businesses as we are to the urgent, big-stage communications challenges of national and global enterprises. Many of our counterparts can’t say the […]
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The Marketing Mask, and Why You Need to Toss It—Now

‪By definition, Brand Identity Design doesn’t tell you who customers want you to be. Instead, it tells customers who you really are. For everyone, it’s a scary exercise. But for most, it’s a rewarding, self-actualizing, and dividends-paying investment. It nets leaders more of their ideal customers, enables greater efficiency and profitability, and leaves them wondering, […]
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A Culture Plan

If we’re nearing football season (and we are—15 days until the first regular season game), we’re nearing the end of summer. By itself, a second summer in business feels like an accomplishment. But the milestones we’ve reached, and they are plenty, aren’t purely symbolic.
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Five Factors That Make Or Break A Conference

The SimpatiCrew returned late Saturday from the INTEGRATE 2012 conference at West Virginia University‘s stunning Morgantown campus. It was our second participation in an emerging media conference in 12 months. It also proved the more valuable of the two.
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