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We're Adamant Thinkers

How many world-changing observations have been lost to distraction? Squirrel!

With Studio Notes, we not only document our observations, but develop them from conjecture to hypothesis. We do so for the betterment of our field and for the benefit of all adkind. Please consider checking in now and then with a cogent, civil reply. Better yet, let’s discuss over coffee.

We apologize for the lack of listicles and clickbait.

Get to Know the SimpatiCrew – Veronica

Get to Know the SimpatiCrew – Veronica (1/11) This is the first installment of interviews with the Crew members of Simpatico Studios. The interviews are conducted by Veronica Mattaboni, your kindly narrator and interviewer. Enjoy.   Veronica Mattaboni, Advertising Copywriter aka Ver I type this while sitting at my desk in the workspace I share […]

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From Brand Intention to Brand Identity: Bridging the Gap

We’ve been hard at work on a B2B rebrand and a few weeks ago, we presented the initial round of logo concepts to the client. Our principal contact was elated, and so were we. Sound logo design takes more than Photoshop skills. We arrive at logos after a collaborative and deliberate process. Our account principal […]

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Cutting the Ribbon in Philly

Hey, Philly! Just call us Mike & Mike, because we’re back and better than ever. And, by the looks of things, just in time. It’s 2016. Besides being happy and new, this also is the year of digital, so says the Wall Street Journal. Businesses will spend more in the next 12 months on Internet […]

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